If your garden is an area which is frequented by rabbits, groundhogs, deer or the neighbourhood cats, you may know the frustration of finding that certain edible flowers, herbs and vegetables are also very tempting for wild animals. 

This inexpensive plant cage is designed to protect plants while allowing full sun into the interior. Plants are easily accessible through the hinged top cover, and the metal hardware cloth will keep vegetation out of reach for hungry rodents. If slugs are a problem, the wire mesh will repel them also.


The size of the cage can be altered to suit your particular growing needs, larger or smaller, or several units can be placed side by side if necessary.




1. Cut the base, four corner supports and frame pieces to size, referring to the diagram.


2. Assemble the 2" x 6" pressure treated base, using 3" deck screws. Fasten the four tie corner brackets to the base using 1 1/2" deck screws. The brackets will secure the vertical corner pieces and create square corners.


3. Install the four corner  2" x 2" pieces, securing them with 1 1/2" deck screws. All  2" x 2" material is cut from 2" x 4" cedar.


4. Assemble to top 2" x 2" frame using 3" deck screws and 3" 90 degree corner brackets.


5. Assemble the top or cover frame using the brackets and 1 1/2" deck screws.


6. Cut the hardware cloth to size, and install on the lower frame using 3/8" staples. Cover the underside of the lid with hardware cloth in the same way. (The edging of the wire can be very sharp, and gloves should be worn.)


7. Install a set of 3" galvanized hinges to the lid and upper frame as shown. Centre a handle on the front of the frame, using the screws provided.


8. A length of chain is used to hold the lid in an open position. Install the chain as shown using a washer with each of the two, 1 1/2" deck screws. You will need to cut a small hole in the hardware cloth to fasten the chain to the outside of the cover.


What You'll Need


mitre saw, or  1347-110           

skill saw 1346-699

measuring tape 1048-330

drill 1239-120

#8 screw driver bit 1286-860                                                                                    

staple gun 1072-172

bench saw 1346-621

gloves 5526-610



2" x 4" cedar ( to create 2" x 2" cedar) (16 feet)

2" x 6" pressure treated lumber (14 feet)

1/4" hardware cloth (11 feet) 5258-883 

3/8" staples 1072-920

tie corner brackets, 2" x 2", 'Rigid' (4)  2681-521

tie angle, 2" x 2", 'Rigid' (4)  2682-132           

90 degree, 5" strap tie (4)    ?

3" deck screws 2182-300

1 1/2" deck screws  2183-023

chain #12 (3 feet) 5230-430  

handle 2322-106

3" galvanized hinges (1 pair) 2356-195         

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